twit : a silly annoying person.

Haste to opinion, ought be the catch phrase for Twitter.
Bypassing thinking, you can instantly advertise your stupidity to the world.

Opinions on the Australian bush fires by those that wouldn't know the difference between wattle and a wallaby.

The celebrity twit.

Usually pretentious anti-intellectual content bolstered by a mass of idolizing celebrity followers.

Midler on Twitter1











 Thanks Midler, 3 things we don't need:

  1. Your pity.
  2. Your opinions on the cause of Australian bushfires.
  3. Your puerile name calling.

The political twit.

Political expediency, advance the cause comrade.

Sanders on Twitter

Another one trying to connect our bushfires with climate change.

Firstly the earth has had climate change for over 800 million years, at times very dramatic. It's cause is all but entirely cosmological.

Unless your "Green New Deal" includes 100 yotta Newton thrusters for changing planetary motion, your utopian constant climate world is but a pipe dream.

Australia is a land of drought, has been for a very long time. The droughts, because of the type of trees we have, create a highly combustible fuel load.
And there you have it, an ever building tinderbox waiting for ignition.

These fuel loads where once managed by burn offs, when the conditions were right. But over the last 3 decades have greatly reduced and hampered by the green lobby, and hence the intensity of the latest fire.

This is what caused the (so labeled "unprecedented") intense Australian bush fires, not some gas molecule.

abc facebook deleted spring burns m

Well Nowa Nowa definitely got their reduction burn, 3 Jan 2020.

At a huge cost to the environment, wildlife, humans and property.
This is what happens when idiots get to make the decisions; unforeseen disastrous consequences.