If humans don't address fuel loads with hazard reduction.

Australian Gippsland Bushfires

Then nature will.

Australian Gippsland Bushfires

 And she is remorseless.

Australian Gippsland Bushfires

A country that is a tinder box of eucalyptus, wattle and teatree,
"of drought and flooding rains".

Mitigation of risk and hazard reduction are concepts beyond the capabilities of the local 'modern' authorities charged with this task.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
What is really 'unprecedented' is the (in)competence of these public servants and their arrogance that they believe that they are our protectors.

Individuals, also need, to take responsibility for themselves and their property.
To have a home in the Australian bush and not put some forethought and preventative action into play, before the hazard is on their doorstep,
is akin to going to sea in a leaky boat without life jackets.

"OMG, the boat is sinking, where are the life jackets?"
"We haven't got any. I'll just run down to BCF and buy some."